You can install the version you need easily: They are set as autoconf and aclocal, which are not executables on the system, and. I have a mac, and am trying to run it in the terminal. Email me about changes to this bug report. Yes, you are missing libkj, which is part of the Cap’n Proto project. This is an excellent document to read: It likely has something to do with the aclocal.

aclocal 1.10.1

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Please confirm that ‘automake’ and not ‘automake Incorrect automake, aclocal path variables in autoreconf script I have a mac, and am trying to run it in the terminal. A generic answer that may or not apply to this specific case: For me, the root cause is that I copy a library e. Okay, I finally have all the neccessary tools to configure, make and make install.

Maybe something linked to git and 1.110.1 it created files in the first place.

aclocal 1.10.1

Aclocla would mark solution by Droopycon a proper answer, given a chance. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Before the above patch: Sign up using Email and Password. Originally, it was invented to simplify the porting of programs to various Unix systems, which could not be counted on to have anything on them. Active 8 months ago. No such file or directory The above were obtained by running.

aclocal 1.10.1

This is an excellent document to read: But hopefully the developers of the package distribute up-to-date files. I updated libtool but now I get: But I then get the error: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

RPM resource aclocal

There’s sporadic reports of this throughout the lifetime of both Ubuntu and Debian. You seem to have experienced a bug where the alternatives have entered manual mode, with no link remaining.

They are set as autoconf and aclocal, which are not executables on the system, and When autoreconf is invoked, you will receive messages such as: If you don’t modify any of those aclical including configure. To avoid this, copy the archive and extract it in place. For some unknown reason if you just scratch your repo and get the repo again: So it’s part of automake.


It is really hard to get aclocxl 1.

Debian — Package Contents Search Results — aclocal

Rather than rerunning autoconf and friends, I would just try to get a clean clone and try again. The actual build steps for Gawk don’t need the Auto-stuff!

See full activity log. Sorry for making you nearvous On Tue, at In this case changing the tools to true is rationally justified by the fact that those tools are unnecessary to build the program, but only to rebuild the configure script, which is already available in prebuilt form. As you had written.