OCX” which is the calendar make a batch file to update the system of each user if they don’t have it. Me refers to the object that contains the VBA code. Select the Protection tab of the Properties dialog and enter then confirm your password. However since the Personal Macro Workbook, as its name implies, is specific to your copy of Excel it will reside either on your computer’s hard drive or within your personal profile on the network. The files are supplied in. How often do you have to tell the Users?


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If you installed the Add-In in the default Add-Ins folder it will be listed in the dialog box.

Share it with others Like this thread? The current date is always shown at the bottom of the calendar.


Since then Microsoft have created an alternative to the Calendar Control called the MonthView control. The MonthView control will provide the calendar that you will place on the UserForm. Remember to save your work frmcqlendar. This tutorial is suitable for Excel versions and You will also notice that the Toolbox disappears when the UserForm is not selected. If you lose the password to a VBA code project you will permanently lock yourself out of the code.

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A Pop-up Calendar for Excel

You frmcalensar see the command Insert Date at the bottom of the context menu. If, as expected, Excel closed properly and the menu item was deleted then this statement would cause an error to occur, hence the error handler at the start. Show ‘– convert the asofdate from date to text so can then use the variable to create filename to open Sheets “asofdate”. You are going to place the pop-up calendar on a UserForm which is a kind of dialog box that you can build and program with Frmcaledar.

How to change month displayed in command to current month

Since a UserForm and its associated code resides within an Excel workbook the they are saved when you save the workbook and vice-versa. Resources saved on this page: You can delete the macro later but now you have somewhere to create your pop-up calendar. Now that you have built the Frmcalenndar it must be activated in Excel before you can use it.

People seem to get confused about entering dates. This is what the calendar looks like in Windows If you include them in your project and distribute them to your friends, neighbours, clients etc the application may or may not work depending on whether they have those ocx installed. If you have been working in a regular Excel workbook you will already have saved drmcalendar file.


To find out whether or not you already have a copy of Personal. And where do the Public variable declarations go? Just in addition to Sid’s valid solution I demonstrate a simplified code to get international weekday and month names – c. Both ideas worked great thanks frmcalendaar your crmcalendar. End Select End Function.

download frmCalendar.frm Source and source code

Do they enter slashes or dashes or dots? The time now is Thank you so much!

The ShowToday property lets you choose whether or not to highlight and display the current date. Use Windows Explorer to find the workbook you just saved then right-click on it and choose Properties. The files are supplied in.


If you are going frmcalnedar distribute your Add-In the users will need to do this on each computer in which the Add-In is installed. If you have installed the Add-In file in the default Add-Ins folder you will see it listed here under the Inactive Application Add-Ins heading don’t worry if you put it somewhere else – you will be able to browse for it later. If you are working in a regular Excel workbook and not in Personal.